allineatore nuvola
Nuvola® is an orthodontic system based on digital technologies.
It consists of a series of transparent aligners that facilitate complex dental movements in a gradual and non-invasive way.
Custom made to fit the conformation of each dental arch, they precisely control tooth alignment. The dentist has constant and regular control over dental movements and the perfect long-term adherence of the aligner, even in the case of misaligned or overlapping teeth.
The Nuvola system is intended for use by professional dentists who want to offer their patients an effective and practical alternative to more traditional orthodontic approaches.

Thanks to Nuvola® Essential, the material used for fabrication, our aligners have the following outstanding properties:

eccellenti proprieta fisiche

Tough and elastic

resistenza chimica

Resistant to aggressive chemical agents

resistenza all abrasione

Proof against wear and tear

caratteristiche di adesione

Precisely designed to fit firmly

facilita di lavorazione

Easy to wear and maintain

stabilita cromatica

Fidelity to their original conformation

memory form

Long-lasting transparency and hygiene


Our case-management platform for dentists can be easily accessed with any device, allowing them to monitor the progress of therapy online at any time.

The initial uploading of a digital scan of the patient’s dental arches is followed by a free treatment plan proposal, and the aligners are then manufactured and delivered. Our technical department communicates directly with dentists via various channels that provide immediate support and advice, and a notification system informs clinicians via e-mail of the specific actions required for each case.


Nuvola® View

NuvolaView is an interactive online 3D simulation software, thanks to which the dentist can analyse
and review every phase of the desired therapy, at any phase from start to finish.
It is also an excellent way of communicating with patients or with specialists
who support dentists in cases requiring multidisciplinary therapy.
Both NuvolaWeb and NuvolaView are compatible with all digital devices.

Treatment phases

The Nuvola system proceeds in a succession of treatment phases,
each one consisting of a series of 12 separate aligners for each dental arch.
At the end of each treatment phase the case is reassessed and if necessary a new set
of 12 aligners is designed and produced.

Nuvola® OP System

This is an innovative
orthodontic procedure
that combines:

  • control of dental realignment, via traditional biomechanics
  • readaptative cranial movements
  • re-training of lingual and perioral motor function.

The Nuvola® OP System consists of a specially designed device (Freedom™), and a set of aligners equipped with reinforcements and lingual pins.


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