Are you always able
to monitor your patients
given the current circumstances?

Now you can with DentalCheck.

The new Nuvola®
orthodontics app.

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Change your appointment
with a simple click!

An innovative tool to get closer to your patient
and to continue your business in the safest way possible.

Help your patients
to follow the Nuvola® treatments.

Remotely monitor
the progress of the cases.

Communicate quickly
to every request
with a personalized experience.

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Reduce check-ups
thanks to the remote
periodical updates.

Notify the patient
when it’s time to change their aligner.

Incentivise the success
of every treatment.

If you are a Nuvola® User,
download the app now! It’s free

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Nuvola® and DentalCheck,
a winning combination.

• a direct line of communication
• a step by step guide ensuring the correct course of treatment
• personalized reminders and notifications
• chat assistance
• reduction of check-up appointments
• greater health protection

Many innovative tools,
for your clinic,
in one application!

DentalCheck is an application created by

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Download the App

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Frequently Asked Questions

CLICK ON the PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION tab (grey button) and proceed by entering the data required. In 24 hours, you will receive your Business Code: the code will be shared with all your patients and it will be perfectly synchronised with the patients. Each doctor will have a unique code.

After the dentist communicates his Activity Code, each patient registers by pressing REGISTER (blue button) and enters the Activity Code, followed by the required data. Without entering the Activity Code, you cannot register.

Dentalcheck is exclusive for Nuvola® users and is free of charge.

To be contacted, simply fill in the contact form on the previous page. Then register on the website to upload patients’ orthodontic cases.

DentalCheck has tabs allowing you to access
the following:
Home: where you can find all your patients details in one place
Profile: personalized clinician profile where you are able to edit your details
Activity: editable profile of the activity where the clinician adds the logo
Chat: A organized and updated log of all patient conversations
Tools: To log out or to return to the login / registration page
Notifications: pressing the bell at the top of the screen the clinician can find the latest updates in chronological order

The clinician displays the information of the treatment on NuvolaWeb and uploads it to DentalCheck: the number of aligners, the days for each aligner, the start date. The timing of the treatment will be calculated automatically, and patients will be sent an automatic request to scan in photographs each time the aligner is changed. You will then be able to customize the plan with additions and replacements to your liking, such as: insert appointments in the calendar, highlight steps, request a scan.

With DentalCheck, the patient is required to regularly send scans to the clinician i.e. photographs taken through the app with or without check retractor in order to monitor the treatment. The patient follows the in the app instructions to photograph the arches from different perspectives.
To view patient’s scans, click on the patient’s name on the Home tab, to access the list of scans below the “Share result” button. Alternatively, the patient can always send a scan via the chat function.

Click on the bell on the screen at the top left (again, thought it was top right, but might be wrong?) to view your patients’ activity (e.g. recordings, scans). To see a log of all patient conversations, press the Chat tab in the lower left section of the screen.

To reset the password, press “Login problems” on home and you will shortly receive an email with further instructions.

Enter the world of Nuvola ®
with DentalCheck.

You will be contacted by one of our managers.