What is Nuvola®

The transparent aligner can solve aesthetic
and functional problems.

allineatore nuvola

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Check out the amazing results of Nuvola® aligners!

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Paziente prima del trattamento Paziente dopo il trattamento
Paziente prima del trattamento Paziente dopo il trattamento
Paziente prima del trattamento Paziente dopo il trattamento

How Nuvola® works

Each aligner is designed specifically for you
Slight but constant pressure gradually brings your teeth to the ideal position.
Nuvola aligners can easily be removed
at mealtimes and when you clean and floss your teeth,
helping you to maintain your dental hygiene.
Each aligner is substituted every 10-14 days
The daily process of alignment
gradually leads to incredible results.

nuvola allineatore trasparente

clearly working
with you.

Made in Italy


niente metallo
No metal in your mouth

programma personalizzato
A made-to-measure plan for you

praticita utilizzo
Simple and practical to use

facile da rimuovere
Easy to fit and remove

igienico facile da pulire
Hygienic and easy to clean

materiali avanguardia
Made with innovative technology

ottimo fitting
A close and comfortable fit

massima trasparenza
Totally clear and transparent

casi complessi
Can solve difficult dental problems

New features

We offer you a brand new App that can reduce the
of your dental appointments!

DentalCheck is:

  • a direct communication channel via your mobile device
  • a step-by-step guide to the right course of treatment
  • personalized reminders and notifications
  • live chat support
  • less appointments and check-ups
  • enhanced protection
  • in line with current health precautions


A perfect smile at any age

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    Nuvola® Bright

    The perfect kit for properly cleansing your aligners.

    Thanks to Nuvola® Bright
    it’s easy to keep your aligners
    totally clear and disinfected!

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    Nuvola® Bright consists of:
    a specially designed soft-bristled toothbrush that will maintain the transparency of your aligners;
    a mint flavoured detergent solution;
    a handy aligner case;
    two samples of aloe vera tooth-gel and soothing clear gel.

    A natural smile.
    Free from metal braces!

    Nuvola® OP System

    For resolving the most complex cases

    The Nuvola OP System is an innovative orthodontic procedure that combines the use of clear aligners with the orthopaedic concept of corrective jaw and tongue movements.
    For the treatment of problematic cases without the use of invasive devices or surgery.

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